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Nosy bugger aren't you?

Who am I? 

I'm a dad, an artist, a dreamer and god knows what else. It's so hard to sum yourself up into a few paragraphs but I'll do my best. 

I grew up in regional Victoria before moving to Melbourne to study a bachelor of arts. I moved to the UK to work as a cameraman and editor. I then moved on to being a wedding photographer. 

Back in Australia I had a period away from the arts where I mowed lawns, worked menial jobs and ultimately fell into depression. I felt lost and lacking direction in life. That's when I started work on Castle.

Castle is a large, highly detailed pen drawing that took over 2 years to complete. It helped draw me out of depression (pun intended) and find my way back into art.

From there, I continued to draw and create. I don't have a set style or medium of choice, I just create whatever I'm interested in at the time. Drawing, stippling, digital art, photography, mixed and new media, sculpture and performance art. Who knows what will be next. 

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