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First, please watch this 2 minute video because it cost me a
shit-ton of money.

Castle started with an idea to fill an entire page with the most amazing castle landscape I could come up with. I began in the bottom left corner and just created it as I went. There was no solid plan, only a general idea that I wanted it to be made up of castles, walkways, bridges and roads. I wanted it to be an intertwining labyrinth that you could lose yourself in. I sketched ahead with pencil, the plan changing daily as I went. It would then often change again when it came to inking it. The thing about working with pen is that there is no going back. It required a lot of concentration and forethought.

There are many symbols, numbers, letters and hidden references within Castle. Some are personal that only I will understand, others are well known logos or references. There are very few living things within Castle. It was a decision I made right at the start so I could focus only on the world. That was what it was all about for me. 

When I finished Castle, a digital version of it became the world's first NFT jigsaw puzzle. That gave me the opportunity to fly to Vegas and show it at the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention. Since then it has won a couple of awards and I sell limited edition prints and a colour-version puzzle is available.

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