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Who or what?

Sethius Art = Ryan Forster (human)

I'm a Brisbane based artist responsible for a whole host of public art. Best known for my iconic metal bin chickens, I also populate the streets with butterflies, snakes, spiders and the occasional mural. 

Castle is the result of 2 years of hand drawing with 19 fine-liner pens. (0.02 Unipin)

It measures in at 102 x 65cm!


Colourising Castle took almost as long as drawing it did! Well worth it though as the colour version will be used for the jigsaw puzzle.


Go figure that the artwork I spent the least amount of time on would become my most famous! To create the Putin dick photomosaic, I googled and downloaded many willies, then used an online tool to piece them together. It went viral in early 2022 and is the 2nd most up-voted artwork on Reddit's r/Art of all time!


Another stippling work. This piece holds millions of dots on cotton rag paper. Fine-liner 0.03.



Steel spiders are now inhabiting Brisbane's streets.


By putting these up in prominent locations, I'm adding colour and making people smile as they drive around Brisbane. 


Binny and the Bin Chicken Trail


I made the Fluid Nature collection over 10 years ago when I was in still in Uni. They were created by photographing individual splashes of water and piecing them together to form the images.


This piece was created to be auctioned off for the cancer charity 'Let's F Cancer'. I used a technique called stippling to build up the image with millions of individual dots. Fine-liner on cotton rag paper.


A (mostly) accurate map of Brisbane made entirely from map pins.


Another highly detailed, large-scale pen drawing. This time featuring a little world of tree-houses, bridges, walkways and a whole lot of chaos.



I've been installing these cute little snakes around Brisbane.

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